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http://boersenalltag.de/blog/metanavigaton/ 200 copies of 88 pages, open size 148x210, printed on Biotop paper 100gr and binding stitched with red thread.


A broken book about the broken Yugoslavia, the broken realtionships, the broken flags, the broken landscapes, the broken ideas, the broken people and the multicultural broken dream, that should remind us, that the irreparable past of some place can become the future of another.


http://chennaitrekkers.org/blog/page/133/ (Nostalgia was designed as a bet against a European Union without social democracy and its symbolic value is affected over time. It has been three years since it was published and the recent departure of the UK, the referendum in Greece on the permanence or the growth of extreme right-wing and anti-europeanist movements in France, Germany, Holland, Austria, or Italy motivate this symbolic value to translate into real value. click here Each time a member country leaves the European Union, the price of the book will be increased five euros).